Ticketmaster is excited to announce its new partnership with Dogs’ Voice as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

At ticketmaster.gr you can find your “ticket” to adopt a dog responsibly. In collaboration with the non-profit organization Dogs’ Voice, which vision is to protect stray animals in Greece, we make possible for thousands of wonderful animals to reach your screen and become part of your life.

“Dogs’ Voice partnered with Ticketmaster to further promote responsible adoption and the need of stray animals for a family. I hope more and more animals will find their home.”

Elena Dede, Founder of Dogs’ Voice

“It is our pleasure to support the work and purpose of Dogs’ Voice. The care and protection of our little friends should be important to everyone and that is why we want to help as many dogs as possible to find the families they deserve. We look forward to contributing to the organization in our own way. “

Dimitrios Petropoulos, Business Development Director of Ticketmaster Hellas

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