Greek-British band, Electric Litany, returns to Athens presenting their third album, Under A Common Sky.

Electric Litany’s impressive artistic career begins in 2007 in London. There, Alexander Miras and Richard Simic experiment with their musical influences in abandoned buildings. They give their first live in underground venues in East London. In 2010, Benjamin Prince (synths) joined Electric Litany. With the release of their first album, “How to Be a Child and Win the War” that same year, they introduce us to their lo-fi post rock world. Their debut album is welcomed with bittersweet reviews and is followed by a great European tour alongside Interpol and Archive.

Good sound, musical experimentation, dark aesthetics and thoughtful videos have introduced Electric Litany as the most interesting bands the London scene has come up with in recent years. Alan Parsons, producer of The Beatles and Pink Floyd, sees in the young British band the new Radiohead. He collaborates with them on their second album, “Enduring days you will overcome”. The mystical atmosphere that they so uniquely manage to create is heightened by the shocking vocals of Alexander Miras. It makes “Enduring days you will overcome” a worthy successor to their impressive first album. In 2014, just before their European tour, Pavlos Mavromatakis joined the bass and completes the band’s line up.

Ticketmaster is happy to announce that is the official ticketing provider of their concert in Greece on Friday, October 25th, at Gagarin 205.

Specifically, Electric Litany’s fans were able to receive their tickets in a digital form. These tickets, they could either print at home or save on their mobile phone. Regardless of the way they choose, they had all the necessary information regarding the venue etc.

Stefanos Kakarantzas, Ticketmaster Hellas’ COO, commented on this cooperation by saying

“We waited five years for their next their album, but now it’s here and with Ticketmaster’s support we can enjoy them live this October. Come and let’s live it all with them all!”

A special night with new sounds from a favorite band of the Greek music audience!

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