It’s more important than ever to communicate event and venue information to attendees every step of the way. Inform fans of details, precautions and rules when they purchase a ticket and in the lead up to the event to remind and reassure.

Inform fans in your event page

Ticket listings, info sections, T&Cs…whether your selling a concert of a theatrical play there are plenty of opportunities to add messaging about your venue and your event.

Make the most of emails to your attendees

Whatever event you promote, you can send informational email to your attendees. All templates have space to remind your fans of the procedures you have in place. You can inform fans for measures they need to take like wear a mask.

Add information to the ticket

You can also include safety information on digital and e-tickets across our ticketing platforms to remind fans right up to their arrival at the event. Learn more about digital tickets.

See upcoming events on

Discover our return to live tools. Specifically, such tools are digital tickets and entering the venue at a specific time. Most importantly, you can can track progress of sales and tickets validated in the venue in real time. Contact us to find out more.