We start the “Meet our People” series of interviews with Efi Karkani, our Account Director. She will share her experiences in the industry and also you get to know Ticketmaster Hellas world better!

Tell us your story, from your first day at work until the day you became Account Director

This is my 9th year in Ticketmaster and it’s as if it has just yesterday that I came! All these years, I live with dance, theater, music, cinema, basketball and football, and my everyday goal is to secure to our fans the “magic” little paper called ticket! The collaboration proposal was made on Friday night in February 2010, the last day of “Disney On Ice”, for which I was organizing the outlets as an external partner. Two days later I left my previous job and stood in my new office as an account manager! A few months later, I also took over the Box office manager position at the Onassis Foundation Center, which I still maintain, while providing consulting services.

In September 2017, I was given the position of Account Director with a bigger challenge of creating a strong, self-contained and self-sufficient team of account managers who will continue the successful work of past associates!

What were you doing before?

Before Ticketmaster I worked for three years at the Athens-Epidaurus Festival as a box office supervisor. It was basically my “baptism” in the field of entertainment and the electronic ticket.

Describe one normal day at the office

I like making a program for the simplest to the most complex task, therefore I usually plan my business agenda before I get to the office. So, when I get to the office, I get to have a brief team meeting, going through all tasks that we did or heard the day before and – after making sure we laughed as much as we needed to get the needed energy – we prepare our breakfast and start dealing with our obligations. As the company’s turnover grows, my day is filled with many meetings with other managers to better organise the projects, but I always keep some minutes of the day evaluating my performance and looking for ways to improve it.

Which has been the best moment at work so far for you?

Working so many years here you can’t make a pick. Yet, undoubtedly, the moments of recognition of my work were particularly distinctive, putting me with the Eamonn O’Connor prize among great colleagues from Ticketmaster International as well as earning a Rock Star Award for Onboarding / Play & Learn concept I designed and joined the training program. The most beautiful moment is when I see the smiles of my groups and the partners sharing my excitement and joy because they are giving me energy for new ideas. Everything will start and end up with them!

Describe one event that took place at work that you will never forget.

In 2011 Kevin Spacey starred in “Richard III” at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus. He would give 2 shows and presales started at midnight. Within 20 minutes almost half of the tickets had been sold and in the next few days a 3rd show was added to meet the demand. Back then we didn’t have digital ticket so most spectators would pick up their tickets at the venue box-offices. Printing and internet were much slower than today and on top of that the venue is in the countryside, making our services even more difficult. Ants “attached” our printers, got stuck on premiere printed tickets, destroying them, so we had to print them again…Inside joke since that day, we always keep insecticide in box-offices!

At Ticketmaster we “Live it Live”! Which live would you like to watch in 2019? Which one would you like to see in Greece in the future?

I would like to hear Imany again in an open theater such as the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, even if I have to stay an hour in the rain again.

What CD do you always play while driving?

The type of music I hear in the car varies so I keep a huge range of playlists. Yet on any circumstance classical music will be played, with the Vivaldi’s 4 seasons or Bizet’s Carmen always exciting me.

What is the most exciting part of being Account Director?

My challenge as Account Director is to create a calm and stable work environment for my team members. Automate as many processes as possible to ensure the quality of the services offered, the speed of service, the security and safety of the Company’s employees and customers, and also the time available to listen to everyone’s needs and make new ideas real.

Any closing remarks? 

A huge thank you to my colleagues who have become also my family over the years!

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