Ticketmaster Hellas and Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association (HEBA) are pleased to announce a new long-term partnership to provide innovative new solutions and services to enhance the experience for basketball fans.

“We’re delighted to have agreed a partnership with Ticketmaster, commented Vangelis Liolios,, President, HEBA. “Ticketing is a vital part of our business, helping us to build meaningful relationships with fans. We look forward to working with the team at Ticketmaster to develop new ways to help grow the sport.

This partnership will provide HEBA with cutting-edge ticketing technology solutions, including digital tickets to give fans not only an intuitive, easy-to-use purchase experience but will also ensure fans have a safe and secure access to events on match day.

“We believe in the power of technology and how this helps transform the relationship between sport and its fans so we’re delighted to have agreed a partnership with HΕΒΑ,” said Dimitrios Petropoulos, Business Development Director, Ticketmaster Hellas. “Our digital solutions, built and customized for sport help not only to connect fans with their sport, but help organisations tailor the experience to enhance the fan journey improving conversion and driving overall revenues.”

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