This summer the city of Patras will be the attention of all Mediterranean countries. The International Committee of Mediterranean Games will organise the 2nd Mediterranean Beach Games at Patras, from August 25th to August 31st.

The Mediterranean Beach Games are a great multicultural sporting event. They promote sport and fair play, simultaneously promoting our country across the Mediterranean and beyond. Back in 2015 the Games were held for the first time in Pescara (Italy), and in fact with great success. This time Greece will accommodate the Games. 26 Mediterranean countries from Europe, Asia and Africa meet in Patras, in the biggest Mediterranean Athletic event of the year.

Games in numbers

The Mediterranean Beach Games is a major international sporting event for beach and water sports held every 4 years. This celebration of sports and culture will attract

  • 1,000 athletes from all 26 Mediterranean countries,
  • over 1,000 officials, referees and journalists
  • 1,000 volunteers and
  • 400 executives;

all excited to experience live the Games and share the same sport spirit. More than 200,000 spetators and hundreds of thousands of viewers in Greece and the Mediterranean, will watch 445 sessions of 11 beach and water sports, like beach volleyball, swimming, water skiing and canoeing, while at the same time, concerts and parties will be taking place at the venues as part of this great celebration.

“Sun, Sea and Sport Tourism”

The three pillars of the Mediterranean Beach Games are in fact the elements that remind of Greece and the city of Patras in particular. The Organising Committee’s vision is to assist the Ministry of Tourism into further boosting the country’s tourism. So, spreading the “sea and sun” and sports tourism message, domestically and worldwide.

Ticketmaster Hellas is excited to announce that it will the official ticketing company for this event. It is a great honor for our company to offer its innovative and high-quality ticketing services once again in an International sporting event of such importance.

Online pre-sale for Finswimming has started, while gradually more sports will become available.

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