Pro League, the Belgian First Division A in football, was eager to return back to live. Ticketmaster’s approach proved to be the solution in complying with the local authorities’ guidelines for safety. The spectators had to respect the social distance (1m between people in different groups). Moreover, the staff checked fans’ temperature before entering the stadium and they had to disinfect their hands regularly.

Safety came first. The #returntolive plan included:

  • The clubs could only sell tickets to season cardholders, That’s why Ticketmaster provided the “obligatory coupon code” feature. Card numbers on the season card were used as coupon code to unlock the purchase of a ticket online and enjoy the game.
  • E-tickets indicated a specific time in which every group could entry the stadium facilities. The clubs could make changes to these timings themselves in the venue schema. This way, they could keep any queues under control. Learn more about e-tickets
  • The Wallet feature was available. Fans could save their tickets in a virtual wallet in their phone. Also, they had the possibility to put the maximum quantity per account on 5. Hence, every group could buy up to five tickets.    
  • Lastly, Dynamic mails offered the clubs the possibility to make changes or add specific info per buyer type, per delivery or per product themselves so tracking could be in place in any case.

While Pro League and its fans are adapting to the “new normal”, Ticketmaster was happy to be proved as valuable partner to help get back to live. We wish the clubs good luck for the next season!

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