We understand it takes time and resource to create seating plans which fit social distancing regulations and maximize the use of the space. Many tools will draw seating maps as fans book the tickets, which can leave larger gaps of unsold seats than needed between attendees. 

Ticketmaster can help optimize your seating plan and ensure you facilitate social distanced events without compromising the total capacity.

How it works 

We now have an algorithm we can apply to the seating area of any venue, no matter its shape or size, which will create a fixed seating map unique to your venue or event. 

You choose what size groups you’d like to offer for the event, and the tool will use the rules to allocate these groups of seats safely onto the seating map. 

If regulations or ticket demands change, the plan can be reconfigured by the tool in a few minutes. Also, you can also adjust the group sizes you’d like to be available for different events. 

The result is more revenue for you, and more happy fans with access to the show. 

So whether you’re an old theatre or a contemporary arena, we have a solution for you. If you’re a Ticketmaster client there are no additional fees, it’s all part of the Ticketmaster service. 

Contact us to start selling your tickets via Ticketmaster. Find out more social distancing tools for your return to live like digital ticketing.

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