One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.” said Simone de Beauvoir. This International Women’s Day is dedicated to the women in the first line against COVID-19. Ticketmaster is celebrating this day with a tribute to them and women around the world.

We asked four women of Ticketmaster to share their thoughts on the role of women today, female friendship and what this day represents to them.

women's day

Efi Karkani

International Women’s Day is a landmark date and its anniversary on March the 8th is to commemorate achievements in the field of work, economy and politics.

In a recent discussion, the words of a young man distinguished in his field, that “human beings who grow a new life inside of them and shape the character of people can not be considered weak or inferior” gave me hope that the our society is changing for the better.

Now more than ever, this struggle, which began in 1908, must be embraced with a positive attitude by all and expanded with the goal of gender equality and the continued empowerment of girls and women around the world. Equality in the right to express personal opinion, equality in access to knowledge, equality in the right to live our lives as we wish without criticism, always respecting our fellow human beings and everything around us.

I feel proud to be a member of Ticketmaster – Livenation. A working environment that through WeNation promotes gender equality in a secure, inclusive framework. Thus, there is always room for personal and professional growth.

My wish for this year’s International Women’s Day is, to these multifaceted personalities with infinite emotions and heightened empathy, who can simultaneously carry out many responsibilities and manage multiple crises, we women, to be given the space and the opportunity to act and shine for the overall benefit of society.

women's day

Eleni Georgakopoulou

“All my friends, for my sake, transform into rational, down-to-earth, balanced creatures and we over-analyze all our problems! They give realistic, cynical, rational results. Answers that how much we wanted and how much comforting they are. They do not caress me, they do not let me escape but they stand next to me when I cry even if my tears are not visible and they are waiting to strengthen and support me and , in the end, lead me to a world full of smiles, travels and laughter…

And after a lot of years we proved and to those who wanted to challenge female friendship that it exists. And we hold hands, look forward and continue in this crazy world … “

“There is no better investment in your life than having women around you with whom you can grow old”

women's day

Marianna Filipopoulou

“What is the role of women today? Today’s women I believe have the freedom to choose to be and do what they really want. And this is a huge privilege. But whatever their role, I believe that their purpose remains one and only: to give color and life to this world !! “Without the presence of women, our world would be black and white!”

women's day

Elli Odampasidou

“The power of women. Strength, determination, creativity, sensitivity. I can say a lot about women today.

Woman is… an idea! And at Ticketmaster our ideas come true.

In a time of hardship and full of contradictions, like the one we are going through, I feel that perhaps more than ever it is worth honoring women, mothers, professionals for their role in this world.

At Ticketmaster, every day is Women’s Day!

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